Thursday, December 16, 2010



iLearn4Free is dedicated to providing free quality education to the children of developing nations through mobile technology. Education is the foundation of an advancing society. By focusing on early literacy, iLearn4Free can provide a platform for a quality education.

Founded by French native Isabelle Duston in 2010, iLearn4Free is creating an application called m4read that will teach children how to read in their native tongue. The interactive activities in m4read can be adapted in many languages, creating accessibility to children of all nationalities and encouraging cultural diversity and acceptance.

m4read is comprised of 30 to 35 units, depending on the language. Each unit implements learning games and short stories that teach a certain reading skill or set of phonemics. The context behind m4read is based on six longer stories, each highlighting a child from a different culture.

The m4read educational content is based on phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. We aim to motivate children to tackle the challenges of learning new sounds and recognize new words as they play interactive games.

iLearn4Free believes strongly in international collaboration. Our diverse team of over twenty members, education specialists, graphic designers, programmers and language specialists are located across the globe.

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