Friday, March 13, 2015

New life

Now now, this is so much time I don't write here it seams a century, but if I had a Tardis maybe it was a second ago. 

In this time lots has changed! I live now with my love in a cozy bed and breakfast in Sardinia, more specifically in Sant'antioco, so if you plan a holiday or you wish to change your life as I did check our website alConteCavour

This is our maindoor

Meanwhile I'm still working on illustration, yet the time is different, now during the season is pretty less, but ok meanwhile...I finished up 2 books for Touring Club Junior and I'm on another, a sequel for Lozetta Hayden.

The First one was called "My alphabet Nightmare" 

So well for now is ok a small post, I hope I will get more soon about our B&B and my illustration.


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