Thursday, August 27, 2015

where to...

You are here and you need a washing machine....

Ok this morning our washing machine went in a better place so to say,
I was crashed, we still are in summer season, lots of people stayng with us loving our little lovely island. Sant'Antioco..How will I survive!


I grab all what I had and run to speedywash, is not far from here, we are at the end of the village and they are the beginning just right after our bridge on the istmo!

Very nice clean and usefull!

Meanwhile I went in the shop a few meters away and yes, I will tell you also this! I bought a new washing machine! It's a Candy 9kg Hope it will serve us as the other! Faithful and happy!

Heading to our sweet little home or as it b&b today, so ok I have to run I have a space to make!

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